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If you cannot make it to Leisure Sports Festival, and would prefer to not invest the cost of a banner sponsorship ($200), but know Jamie and would still like to contribute to his life, we would greatly appreciate any nominal donation.

All proceeds directly benefit Jamie’s day-to-day life. These funds assist paying for Jamie’s aides when he is not in school (holidays and summers), wheelchairs, walkers, Up-and-Go’s, controllers for his X-Box and PlayStation (you would be stunned at how many he goes through a year), clothing, and numerous other items.

While you may not realize how impactful your contributions are, the truth is that we cannot even make it through an entire calendar year without depleting Jamie’s LSF account. Therefore, even a donation of $10 adds up and is extremely useful and appreciated.

We sincerely thank you for opening up your heart and wallet to assist our son as he traverses through this thing called life.